Welcome to the home page of IRSAPS.  A forum where like minded scholars meet to excel and dream for a common cause! We are the backbone of many scientific discoveries, when we unite for a goal we bring a change. A change that we endeavor will bring smiles to the faces of millions. Although we are living in a sophisticated world with a comfort zone, almost half of the population is still suffering without getting the benefit of modern science and technology or the fruit of economic progress. Let us work together for a universal knowledge society to abolish the pain of people due to the ignorance, inequality, social division, lack of opportunities and development, etc. Can we imbibe the spirit of Science to address the burning issues of 21st Century?

IRSAPS needs your help

IRSAPS is working for the benefit of all sections of people, especially for the benefit of students. We are working towards the realization of zero gradient of scientific knowledge between rural and urban India. We would also like to emphasize that Science is not just one of the branches of education, but a way of life. To achieve this goal, IRSAPS needs your active participation. Please render your service for the benefit of society. We endeavor to bring advanced research activities to enlighten the people even living in the most remote corners of our country by applying information technology. Organization of webinars is a part of our effort. We request all science research scholars, scientists, and academicians to help IRSAPS for the realization of that dream!

Who Should Join IRSAPS?

All research scholars from any discipline of science especially, from basic science background are encouraged to join IRSAPS. There is no age limit to join this group. Scientists and academicians working in different institutes can also join. IRSAPS would be happy to send invitations to such persons if they show interest in the IRSAPS. Basic idea of creating this forum is to spread scientific temperament in India. Therefore, anyone who is actively working for the enhancement of scientific spirit should join us.